A graduate from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in 1996. 

"I am designing at the fulcrum of modernism to create strong and astounding design.

Aiming for that sweet spot where employing aesthetics and purpose creates powerful,

enduring and remarkable design. Yawn yawn - I wish I was 25 years old again when waffling this sort of drivel would land you jobs. I just like bringing great design together for people who cannot do it themselves - simples like the meerkat says."

I have a real penchant for all things Bauhaus. I like strong typography and long walks in the park.

I love to fly fish and play golf (not at the same time of course that would be outlandish and amazing).

Oh and I love listening to Morrissey and the Smiths to keep me calm.

You may also hear a show tune or two - don't judge me!

Call or email us with your design problems, difficulties or insurmountables and together we'll therapy the ass out of it!

​Kenny Cathro

Graphic Designer / Director

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